Teroson products for automotive body applications represent a state of the art adhesives, sealants and surface coatings in all areas of the world. Teroson fully meets the quality expectations of the makers of great passenger cars, trucks, buses, railway carriages and marine craft. Teroson automotive body repair products allow vehicle body repairs, conservation and additional protection that add factory-quality finish to every job.

The versatility and variety of Henkel’s Teroson brand product line allows for a multitude of customized and standard uses, accommodating the specific requirements of different auto makers;

Adhesive and Sealants for Metals
Henkel’s Teroson brand products include epoxies, as well as PVC and polyacrylate based products. The Terokal and Terosol product lines are used for hem bonding, and sealing around doors, deck lids and hoods. The Terostat line of products are elastomer based flexible adhesives in either pumpable or a profiled form. The Terostat products are used as seam sealers and mastics in the body shop. Our portfolio also includes pumpable, sprayable and preformed materials for the reinforcement of sheet metal.

Adhesives and Sealants for Glass and Plastics
Henkel Teroson offers a wide range of products for the bonding of glass and plastics to the automobile manufacturers. The Terokal and Terostat products comprise a range of polyurethane based, high performance adhesives and coupling agents used to bond large glass sections to the vehicle. The resistance of motor vehicle bodies to torsional strain can be improved by 30 %, thanks to the improved performance characteristics. Non conducting materials enable glass screens to have integrated functions (e.g. GPS, Aerial, TV and Telephone).

Under body Coatings and Sealers
Underbody Coatings and Sealers are primarily applied in the paint shop and based on PVC plastisols and polyacrylate bases and secondly in the repair and maintenance and based on wax and bitumen. Henkel’s Teroson brand offers spray applied underbody coatings that combine acoustic properties to complement the abrasion resistance of the UBC and seam sealers focused on paintable and non paintable sealing applications. The Terotex range also includes waxes for the protection of cavities, engines, frames and underbody applications. Water or solvent based, high solids and melts are all available.

Structural and Acoustic parts
The Terocore product line has proven performance in NVH improvement, at a lower weight than a traditional metal reinforcement. This product is traditionally applied in an interior cavity of the vehicle for structural reinforcement. Terocore is a reactive epoxy based product that is available as a, one or two component pumpable product, or as a preformed part. Terocore products can be used to reinforce, frame rails, body cavities or body panels.

The Terophon line of products focus on acoustic improvement with expandable cavity seals based on EVA or EPDM. These preformed parts work on a noise absorption principle that blocks the passage of airborne noise in the hollow cavities of the vehicle.

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TEROSON solutions enable our customers to efficiently and effectively develop next-generation products or repair, conserve and protect vehicle bodies in these industries:

Vehicle Repair and Maintenance - Glass repair, body repair, coating and equipment for: 

  • Passenger car maintenance
  • Heavy-duty truck and bus maintenance 
  • Fleet maintenance 
  • Service parts for vehicle manufacturers in agriculture, construction, small engine and automotive OEMs

Automotive Body - Bonding, sealing, coatings, reinforcing and stiffening of car bodies and components in body shop, paint shop and trim shop for:

  • Cars (passenger cars, light commercial vehicle)
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • Medium & Heavy Duty Truck
    • Bus & Coach
  • Motorcycle

Automotive Components

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Industrial Assembly - Structural bonding, industrial sealing and coating in:

  • Construction (prefabricated elements, roofing systems, facade systems, transportation networks, civil engineering)
  • Vehicle (road/special vehicles, watercraft, rail vehicle, intermodal transport, vehicle components)
  • Electrical & Optical (cable networks, electrical devices, data storage)
  • Mechanical Engineering (filtration, air/water treatment, power generation, tooling, foundry)
  • Appliances Industries (white/brown goods, heaters, air conditioning, sports equipment)